6 Ways To ROCK African Dresses & Prints

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an huge fashion influx of what is commonly known as “tribal” or “ethnic” prints in big box retail stores as well as online fashion shops.

H&M, Amazon, ASOS, Forever 21, Zara and many others have been selling these African-inspired designs on a number of items— African dresses, wallets, purses, sweaters, beach wraps, blazers, skirts, crop tops, skirts, leggings, scarves and these styles are amazing. With this chic and elegant style becoming more popular we figured that you may want to take a look!

african dressesLet's be honest, prints are never going to go out of style and a great way to incorporate them into your wardrobe is to use African prints! There are sooooo many ways to rock African fabric (also called “dutch wax”, “ankara”, and there's also a type of woven cloth called "kente") effortlessly with the clothing items you already have in your wardrobe.

The thing that is so cool about these clothes is that they are reminiscent of the traditional Nigerian clothing that has been worn for special events and occasions for centuries. The gorgeous head wraps make you think of the beautiful gele that happy and excited African women meticulously placed on the heads of a family members or close friends on their wedding day.

Some women like these head wraps and funky prints in order to feel closer to the Motherland, and others simply love the high fashion designs. To each, their own, right?

But who can deny the uniqueness of wooden jewelry pieces, usually of the continent of Africa carved into big, chunky earrings. It’s the head wraps with bright, vibrant colors, the icing on what is an outfit for a night out on the town. It’s the DEFINITION of a fashion statement. And a great opportunity to get in touch with you Afrocentric side.

African Dress
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So Many Ways To Incorporate African-style Dress Into Your Wardrobe

- African Print Skirts

You can pair a flared, mini, skater, midi or maxi skirt in an African print with a solid tee or button-down shirt and you’ve got yourself a perfect brunch, lunch or date outfit.

- Jumpsuits, Rompers and Coordinate Sets

OMG! You can SHUT THE PLACE DOWN with a one-piece African print jumpsuit or romper (so chic!), or stick to two coordinating pieces for a exotic pant, skirt or short suit.

- African Print Up Top

Think crop tops, peplum tops, boxy cuts and even blazers! Try wearing one with a black pencil skirt or your cutest pair of jeans for a quick and easy-to-do evening outfit.

- African Print Bottoms

Similar to skirts, you can easily pair African-print pants and shorts in cuts that flatter your womanly shape with basic tops for casual wear that has an element of sophistication and demure.

- African Dresses

The fashion options with African dresses are endless – as long as you can find a good tailor, you can sew a dress with African fabric in every style imaginable. Your imagination is the only barrier, don't limit yourself! A-line dresses work for almost all shapes, but the details (frills, patterns, embroidery, etc) is what makes these African dresses stand out from the crowd.

- Accessorize With African Designs

If you’re not the runway model type that's ready to strut your stuff with African dresses or African print from head-to-toe, you can also incorporate the African style into your accessories, with hats, bags, shoes, head wraps and chic jewelry fit for a Queen.